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52. ChristmasMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
51. ThanksgivingMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
50. Card For A King (Father’s Day)Mary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
49. MaydayMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
48. EasterMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
47. Twenty QuestionsMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
46. Sing-A-LongMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
45. God In NatureMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
44. God’s CharacterMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
43. Bible Stories In A RoundMary-Lynn Chambers10/02/2014
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Question & Answers:

What is the best way to study the Bible?
How can we discern false teachers?
Will you explain what ‘expository preaching’ involves?
What does the word ‘exegetical’ mean?