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22. Gideon

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Materials Needed

  • pebbles or tiny wads of paper (15 per child)
  • glue
  • 2” x 2” piece of cardboard (one per child)

Setting The Stage

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they find it easy to relate to Gideon. Gideon was a man who was faced with a frightening situation. His immediate reaction was cowardly, but when he saw God’s power and accepted God’s strength he bravely faced the challenge. During this devotional you will help your children understand that there are frightening situations we try to face alone. When we know that God is with us, we can bravely face these same circumstances.


#1 Mimes

Each person is to think of a situation that frightens them. If a younger child needs help, whisper some ideas in his/her ear and let the child choose. Once each person has decided on a situation, take turns pantomiming each choice. The rest of the family will try to guess what each situation is. When everyone has had a turn, discuss each situation so the children will remember their choice throughout the remainder of the devotional.

Note: An adult should go first to demonstrate to the children what they need to do. Younger children might need to use some words to communicate their chosen situation.

#2 Places To Cook

Ask the children to find all the places where you can cook a meal in the house. Have them take you for a tour to point out each place.






camp stove

Have them list any other cooking locations not found in your home. When they have finished the list ask them if someone could cook meat on a big stone. Pretend you are convinced of this possibility. When they become adamant that this couldn’t happen, have them sit down and share the following story about a time when a stone was a place for cooking.

#3 Story Of Gideon From Judges 6

This is a story about a man who was very afraid in a situation just like we are sometimes. Gideon and his people were being cruelly ruled by the Midianites. The Midianites were a group of people who were bullies; they were always stealing and hurting the Hebrews. An angel of the Lord came to tell Gideon to stop these bad people. The angel found Gideon hiding from the Midianites instead of being brave. Gideon was so afraid he told God, “I am the smallest and the weakest and I can’t do it!” He needed to see God do something to show his power. The angel told Gideon to put the meat and sauce he had on a rock. The angel touched the rock with his staff and fire came out of the rock, burning the meat. When Gideon saw this he knew that God could do anything. Gideon went out, destroyed his enemy’s altar and built an altar to God to show that God was with him. The bullies were amazed at how brave Gideon was and eventually they stopped being mean.

#4 Discuss

Ask your children the following questions:

  • Like Gideon you are afraid in a certain situation.
    What situation did you act out earlier that makes you afraid?
  • God showed his strength to Gideon by burning the food on the stone.
    How does God show his strength to you?
  • What did Gideon build to show the bad people that God was with him?

#5 Build An Altar

Each of you will build a little altar as a reminder this week that God is with you. As you face the situation that makes you afraid, remember to be brave in God.

a) Glue seven pebbles in a small circle on the center of your piece of cardboard.

b) Glue five pebbles on top of the seven allowing the circle to be a little smaller.

c) Glue three pebbles on top of the five again allowing the circle to be smaller.

Make sure the glue dries before you move it.


Have each child pray for their own ...

... fearful situation

... way in which they have seen God work

... approach to the situation with God’s help.

Memory Verse

Judges 6: 16a
The Lord answered, “I will be with you.”

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