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44. God’s Character

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Materials Needed

  • A Sunday school song book (optional)

Setting The Stage

There are many descriptive words for God found in the songs we sing to him. To help pass the time in the car, this activity will get you thinking as well as having a lot of fun.


This car devotional is a game that is approachable from two different directions.


  • You go around the circle in the car and each person takes a turn.
  • The first person calls out this phrase, “God is ___.” It is his/her choice what word is put in the blank.
  • The first person in the car to come up with a Sunday school song that has the same word in it will get one point.
  • The person who suggested the word has to wait thirty seconds before answering with a song title.
  • Once a song is given, you take a break in the game to sing the song together.

This is a great game for children who are a little older. Of course, the person with the most points at the end wins. To help finish the game a predetermined winning number can be established. For example the first one to reach five points wins. This game will help the children not only think of new and different characteristics of God, but it will also give them a chance to sing their favorite songs to God.


  • The second option is a better one for the younger children in the car. It is a challenge between the little ones and the big ones.
  • The children will have the sole responsibility to call out this phrase, “God is __.” They are to fill in the blank with a descriptive word about God.
  • Once the phrase has been said, the adults in the car have to come up with a Sunday school song that everyone knows and that also has the chosen word in the lyrics.
  • Once the title of the song is given, everyone takes the time to sing the song together. The object of the game is to stump the adults. The first child to do so gets a big cheer!!

To help you get on the way with this game you will find a few ideas below. Happy singing!!

God is ... LIGHT = “This Little Light of Mine”

God is ... LOVE = “Jesus Loves Me”

God is ... GOOD = “God is so Good”


Once you are finished playing the game, continue singing the same songs all over again.

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