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43. Bible Stories In A Round

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Materials Needed

  • your imagination

Setting The Stage

This is an opportunity for you to review creatively with your children the stories you have learned from the Bible. The main facts should remain correct and in order, but allow the children to add their own creative flair as they tell their part.


Instructions: Pick a Bible story and take turns telling the story by going around in a circle using one or two sentences each. Try to have an adult begin and end the story. As you go around the circle each person should take a turn at least once. Everyone should finish their turn by saying, “Next.” An example has been provided below.

Daniel And The Lion’s Den


Daniel was a man who loved God. He showed this by praying to God three times every day. Next.


Some bad men didn’t like him praying to his God. Next.


The bad men went to the king and asked the king to make a law so the people in the land would pray only to the king and no other gods. Next.


The king made the law. The bad men went to watch and see if Daniel was still going to pray to his God. Next.


Daniel loved God and so he still got down on his knees and prayed to God three times a day. The bad men saw him doing this. Next.


The bad men went to the king and told him that Daniel was still praying to his God. So the king had to throw Daniel into the lion’s den, and that made the king very sad because he liked Daniel. Next.


Daniel got thrown into the lion’s den but he prayed that the lions wouldn’t eat him, and the lions didn’t. Next.


It was God who shut the mouths of the lions. Next.


The king called to Daniel and asked if he was okay. Daniel said that the lions hadn’t eaten him. Next.


So the king took Daniel out and threw the bad men into the lion’s den, and the lions ate them all up. Next.


The king made it a law that everyone in the land should pray to Daniel’s God, and that made Daniel very happy.


This would be a good opportunity to have a little prayer to end the story. This does not have to happen each time but it does fit well with the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

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