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Question & Answers:

Regarding 1 Tim 2:9 & 1 Pet 3:3, is this a command from God, that women do not try to look pretty? Or, is this a suggestion from Paul? How serious should I take these verses?
Is it a sin for a Christian married couple to not have children, if they can?
I have some friends that are living together and say they are married in God's eyes, so why should they get married? Can you give me some bilical verses to help support me when I talk with them?
When a husband and wife disagree on the teachings of certain churches, should the wife submit to her husband since he is the spiritual leader in the home?
Is oral sex between a married couple wrong?
What insights do you have for missionaries trying to address polygamy in polygamous cultures?
Is it okay for a Christian married couple to watch adult movies together at home?
What does the Bible say about co-habitation?
What is the theme of Luke 19:1-10 and how would you tell the story to a child?
What does Matthew 19:11-12 mean, “they were born that way”?
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