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25. Elijah

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Materials Needed

  • four or more large house plants or kitchen chairs
  • large couch cushions or blankets a bowl of your favorite finger food as a snack (example: a bunch of green grapes)

Setting The Stage

God provides help in strange ways. You can see this truth very clearly in the story of Elijah. Turn your living room into a ravine oasis. The plants can line a pretend stream or the chairs and cushions can act like ravine walls with the pretend stream running down the middle.


Pretend you are Elijah. Before you enter the ravine oasis explain to the children that Elijah was a man who loved God and God gave him messages to tell other people. Sometimes his messages made these people angry. In our story some people were so angry at Elijah they tried to kill him.

The details of this story are in I Kings 17.

Elijah was running and running

Everyone runs in place.

Finally he came to a ravine with an oasis where he could hide.

Get down on your knees and crawl into the ravine making sure you don’t get wet from the water in the pretend stream.

Elijah was so glad to be there. I bet the first thing he did was to take a drink of the water.

All lean over and scoop up some pretend water in the palm of your hand and sip it.

Elijah would be so thankful to God that I am sure he would want to sing to God.

At this time sing your favorite song to God; one you all know from Sunday school or one that you have learned in these devotionals.

After Elijah sang do you think he told God, ‘Thank you”? I am sure he did and so pretending we are Elijah let’s say thank you.

Let each person say a few words in thanks. Example: Thanks for the water. Thanks for keeping me safe, etc.

After a little while Elijah probably started to get hungry, but look around. There doesn’t seem to be anything to eat. Who do you think brought the food to Elijah?

Start making bird sounds until they say the right answer.

That’s right, it was the birds. God knew Elijah needed to eat and there was no food here, so God sent the food.

As they are guessing birds, pretend you are a bird and fly to where you have hidden the bowl of finger food. Fly back to the group with the food and let them enjoy it.

Elijah was safe, and even after he finally left this special place, God continued to keep Elijah safe.


Sing your favorite praise song to God. You can repeat the one you sang earlier or you can sing another favorite.


Thank God for the way he takes care of each one of you. If you have specific examples now would be a good time to share them. Thank God specifically for them.

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