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47. Twenty Questions

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Materials Needed


Setting The Stage

This is a great game to help your children remember Bible characters. It will work best if everyone stays within the scope of familiar characters. You will be amazed at their ability once you have completed the Old Testament Story section in this book.


The way to play:

You can go from youngest to oldest and give everyone a chance to "think."

  • The first person to take a turn will think of a Bible character without saying who it is.
  • The rest of the people in the car can take turns asking yes/no questions.
  • The group as a whole is allowed 20 questions to figure out the character.
  • As soon as someone thinks they know, they can call out the name, but they need to remember if it is wrong they have used up one of their 20 questions.

The more you play the game the more skilled the children will become at asking appropriate questions. The first few times you play this game the adults will have to take the lead, give some examples and be willing to be flexible until everyone knows what is happening.

An Example:

1. Is it a girl? no

2. Is it a lady? no

3. Is it a boy? yes

4. Is he nice? yes

5. Do we see him when he is all grown up? yes

6. Is he in the Old Testament? yes

7. Is he known for helping somebody? no

8. Did he write a book in the Bible? yes

9. Did he kill somebody? yes

10. Did he kill a giant? yes

11. Is it David? yes!!

You will find a lot of time can pass playing this game while you are on those long trips. It is also good for those short trips when the kids are going wild.

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