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31. Book Review -- What Every Mom Needs

Book Title: What Every Mom Needs

Author: Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall

Year of Publication2006



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Full Book Available in: English

You should read this book if you…

Have a busy life raising children and wonder how to find time to have friendships and develop as a person.

“In a nut shell”…

Mothering is an important job—it shapes our world, our families and ourselves. “If we want to be the best moms possible, we’ll learn to recognize and meet our own needs.” Pg 25 Those needs are: identity, growth, relationship, help, perspective and hope.

Key Ideas…

“We need to see ourselves as God sees us.  This is our true identity…” Pg 42

“Grace means there is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and nothing I can do to make God love me less.” (Phillip Yancey, Pg 41-42)

“We need to hold on to Jesus and satisfy all of our hunger in him. Remember this when life gets busy and you begin running a mile a minute and the empty feeling starts to set in again. ‘I want this…and this…and this…’ I want you, Jesus. Fill me. Show me. Help me. Guide me.” Pg 209

The biggest thing we can do for our children is pray for them. “When we pray we join with the God of the universe who has infinitely more power than anything the world could throw at our children.” Pg 215-216

Action Steps…

Moms “need to grow as individuals, to develop their talents and abilities…as well as to strengthen their character…”  Pg 62

“Seeing you interact with confidence, using innate gifts and learned skills, will encourage others to discover ways in which they can improve their own lives and relationships.” Pg 64

Establish intimacy with your husband by: (1) Asking him questions such as, what is his greatest dream in life? What three adjectives would he like others to use in describing him? (2) Listen to him, resisting the urge to critique or evaluate. Listen, accepting whatever you hear because it reflects something about the one you love. (3) Act on what you heard him say.  (4) Be open to changing yourself if necessary. (5) Forgive. Holding grudges prevents intimacy.


“Perspective means looking beyond the moment with a view toward the whole of life.” Pg 161

“What really matters to you as a mom? A clean home or a kind heart? Your children’s habits or their values? Their appearance or their attitudes and actions?” Pg 166

“Savor the moments of this season that will never come around again. We tend to keep waiting for life to get better when, really, it just gets different. If the grass looks greener on the other side of your fence, it may be because you’re not investing your time and energy in your own grass. Live in the present.” Pg 169

Statistics and Interesting Facts…

A survey of moms revealed that their greatest needs are perspective and hope.


The book listed some age-appropriate tasks for children that were helpful (for example, two and three year olds can help feed pets, put away toys after play, wipe the table, sweep with a small broom and fold dishtowels).

The book also listed age appropriate cleaning games for preschoolers (for example, ask your child to help you pick up all the red toys, then all the blue toys, then all the square toys, etc., sing together as you do a chore, agree to clean up for ten minutes, ask your child to make one side of the bed while you make the other side).

How this has changed my parenting…

This book encouraged me to find out what my gifts are and develop as a person, instead of putting that on hold when I stay at home with my child. Doing so will make me into a better wife and mom.

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