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52. Christmas

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Materials Needed

  • basket or decorated box
  • small gift items
  • tissue paper
  • bow

Setting The Stage

God gave us his son Jesus as a gift. Jesus came as a little baby and it is the birth of Jesus and the giving of that gift that we are celebrating at Christmas. To help instill in your children the idea of giving, you will be making gift boxes to distribute to others to help make this season a special one for them.


This devotional is one that can be shared with so many and changed a bit from year to year. It has become a family tradition in our home, and we have fun planning what we are going to do for others each Christmas season.

There Are A Few Guidelines That Should Remain The Same

  • The boxes or baskets should be a family effort. Everyone should be involved in the making and distributing of them.
  • As you approach the door to give the chosen people their gift, greet them first with a Christmas carol that all can sing (they will love it whether you are on tune or not).
  • Choose people you will not be giving a gift to at Christmas.

Here Is Where You Can Vary It And Have Some Fun…

  • The items in the box can be on a particular theme or a variety of items you know they would enjoy. It can be baked goods, homemade items, creams and bath salts, candy, games and so on.
  • The box can be decorated with wrapping paper or brown paper which your children can decorate with drawings.
  • The people can vary each year or remain the same. It is a good gift to give to older people or others who have served you over the past year (pastor, Sunday school teacher, sports coach, etc.)

Finishing Touches...

Place the tissue paper in the bottom of the box or basket. Fill the box with the items you have chosen or made and place a bow on top.

It will be a fun and enjoyable evening spent delivering these gifts with your love and best wishes!


As you are walking or driving to the next house for delivery, take time to say a prayer for that person or family. The prayer can have two aspects. The first is one of thanksgiving for the role they have played in your lives. The second is one of blessing for them for the coming year.

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