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33. God Provides Through Growing Things

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Materials Needed

  • access to fruit (fruit stand, orchard, farm or grocery store)
  • shish kabob sticks
  • selection of favorite fruits (grapes, strawberries, bananas, mandarin orange sections, pineapple -anything that can easily be skewered with a stick)

Setting The Stage

The best food is what is grown naturally and is provided first hand by God. This is an opportunity to learn about this process and enjoy the “fruits” of your labor as well!


1. It would be best to visit a farm or an orchard first. Here you might have the chance to pick your own food (if it is that type of farm). If this is not readily available to you, the next best option is a fruit stand where the person selling the fruit can tell you a little about the product. Finally, if nothing else is available to you, it would still work to visit the fruit section of your grocery store. Share with your children your own knowledge of how these items grow.

2. Allow the children to pick their favorite type of fruit to take home and eat. The fruit you pick for the shish kabobs needs to be firm and easily pierced.

3. When you get home let the children help wash the fruit. Cut up the fruit. Let the children make their own shish kabobs. Take the fruit sticks outside and go for a walk while you enjoy your tasty treat.

This can be a fun kind of prayer (without being irreverent). Call out your thanks to God for the fruit as you are putting the pieces on your stick. For example, “Thank you God for a banana; thank you God for a grape; thank you God for an apple ...”

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