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32. Rock Cracking

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Materials Needed

  • one large, relatively round rock (or hammer)
  • one large, relatively flat rock (or hard flat surface)
  • country road or rocky stream (where you can find lots of little and varied rocks)

Setting The Stage

We often judge people by first impressions, but it is really what is inside that is important to get to know. That is where the real beauty of a person can be seen. This is very true with rocks as well. As the children see this to be true with rocks, help them remember this important detail when they are meeting new people and making new friends.


Location for this devotional is fairly important because you will want to be in a place where there are many different kinds of rocks from which to choose.


Let each child choose five palm sized rocks. Ask them what they think the rock will look like inside. It really is a mystery most of the time because the inside does not always look like the outside. Take one rock at a time and start tapping it gently. Increase the strength of the tap until it finally cracks open. Note: If you start too hard you are bound to smash the rock and then it is difficult to see the real insides. Show the children the difference between the inside and the outside. Which is more beautiful? Usually it is the inside.


Discuss what it was like when each child met a friend for the first time. What were their first thoughts? If they do not remember, help them by telling them how they acted (shy, quiet, wondering the child’s name or maybe not caring to talk to this new child). Now what do they think of their friend? Let them share about the friend and then show them that the details they are talking about have a lot more to do with the character of the friend (the inside) than with the friend’s looks (the outside).


Let your children try to explain to you where the real beauty of the rock is (inside). Then have your children tell you where the real beauty of people is (inside). Encourage them to look for the inner beauty in people and value that. Take the opportunity to show them this principle over the next week.


Have the children ask God to help them value the inner beauty of other people. To help the children understand this you can mention specifics like, “Mary is so kind,” or, “Joe can make you laugh.” Take time now to talk to God about this.

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