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31. Nature Collage

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Materials Needed

  • one white sheet of poster board (or one small piece of construction paper per child)
  • glue
  • a plastic bag per person

Setting The Stage

Nature itself is so varied, just like our God who created it. The purpose of this devotional is to find as many different items from nature as you can. Together take the time to enjoy the variety that reflects our God.


Time To Go Back To Nature:

  • Bring the materials needed with you as you go to the nearest uncivilized area. Once you arrive let your children know you are going to make a picture about nature. They are to collect as many different items from nature as they can find. Note: They should be the type of items that can be glued to a piece of paper. Let them head off to collect. Each person should have a plastic bag in which to hold their findings. Give them 10 - 15 minutes to search for their varied treasures.

As You Come Back Together:

  • Find a spot where you can sit down, sort and organize the items. These pieces of nature can be sorted by color, size, type or texture. Once sorted, the adult will squeeze a drop of glue under each item as each person places this item from nature on the poster board. The fun part about a collage is that anything goes. The end product will doubtless be interesting, varied and in its own way beautiful.

Our God Is Also Full Of Variety:

  • See how many different details about God your children can share with you. Include a few of the details listed below.











Have each person choose a favorite description of God. Then let each one tell God, “I think you are special because you are _____.”

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