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23. Ruth

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Materials Needed

  • flashlight
  • piece of white paper
  • crayons
  • dress-up clothes (optional)

Setting The Stage

You will literally be doing just that - setting the stage - for an old fashioned movie. The effect is quite good and easily achieved. All the lights are turned off. An adult holds the flashlight and shakes it very quickly back and forth on the person acting. To make it look like an old fashioned movie the person acting must say their lines while jumping or wiggling. The purpose of all this fun is to communicate that we need to make God our God just as Ruth did in the book of Ruth.


There are three or possibly four roles in this movie. Children may put on dress-up clothes to add color to their role playing. If there is a shortage of people, make this devotional a “family and friends devotional” so their friends can be a part of the experience.

Note: An adult will need to tell the children their lines and allow them time to repeat each line while acting.


a foreigner whose husband has died. She is returning with her mother-in-law to Naomi’s homeland.


Ruth’s mother-in-law whose husband and sons have died and is returning to her homeland.


a relative of Naomi’s who is very rich and eventually falls in love with Ruth.


person in the city who is mean to Ruth and is also a worker in the fields for Boaz.

Lights off and a darkened room. Flashlight on. Stage ready for the first act. (Note: Hold the flashlight still between acts. When the players are in position start wiggling it again.)

Act I (Naomi and Ruth)


I have to go home. I no longer have a husband or sons, boo hoo!!


I will go with you.


But you don’t know anyone there.


I will make your people my people and your God my God


Okay, let’s go!

Act II (Ruth, Naomi, and Extra)


We’re home!


OOOO! Who is that girl with Naomi? We don’t want her here!


The people are not very nice to me, but I still want to make your people my people and your God my God.


Well, I am too old to work, so you will have to go work in the fields.


Okay, here I go!

Act III (Ruth. Boaz and Extra)


It has been a long day picking up this food, but I know Naomi will be happy with all I have.


That girl Ruth is a hard worker. I will have to tell my men to make sure to leave her lots of food.


Here, Ruth, have some more food. Boaz, my boss thinks you are a hard worker.

Act IV (Ruth and Naomi)


Look, Naomi, I have lots of food. Boaz was looking after me.


Boaz? Why he is a relative of mine. You know you should marry him. He would make a good husband.


I would love to marry Boaz.

Act V


You are very kind, Boaz


You need a husband, and I would like to be your husband but there are some people I will have to talk to first.


That is fine.


I will talk to the people, and then I will let you know.

Act VI (Ruth. Boaz. and Naomi)


Yes, everything worked out and I can marry you.


Wonderful! I knew God would look after me.


That is because you made my God your God.

The End (everyone takes a bow)

Memory Verse

Ruth 1:16b
Your people will be my people and your God my God.

On a piece of paper write this verse in the following way using a crayon and some creative drawings.

Your (picture of a person) will be my (picture of a person) and

Your (drawing of a crown) my (drawing of a crown).

Hang this on the fridge so you can review this verse throughout the week.


We need to be like Ruth and make God our God. There are lots of things we can put before God (friends, television, toys). but if we want God to be first in our lives we need to make Him the most important person. Now is a good time to talk to God about this.

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