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1. Making Music To God

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Materials Needed

  • paper plates
  • stapler
  • macaroni or rice
  • empty tins with plastic snap-on lids
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • markers or crayons

Setting The Stage

In Psalm 92:1-3 we see the Psalmist praising God, making music and proclaiming with musical instruments. We need to learn to do as the Psalmist did. Note: In the upcoming months these new musical instruments can be saved and used during family devotional times to add to the singing experience.


The Homemade Way

  • Take the paper plates and fill them with the dried macaroni using a stapler or glue to seal the two plates together securely. Make sure the staples are side by side so no macaroni escapes. Use the markers to decorate the plates.
  • Fill an empty tin with dried macaroni or rice and cover it with a snap-on plastic lid (coffee tins or potato chip cans work well for this). Secure the lid by taping it in place. Glue the construction paper to the outside of the tin. Using your imaginations decorate the tins so they look great and the children will be eager to use them in the future. Note: Make sure nothing will rub off on the children’s hands while they are grasping and shaking the instruments.

The Professional Way

  • Go to a department store, flee market, garage sale or music store as a family. While on the drive or walk, discuss how God enjoys music. Talk about favorite songs you could sing to God. Point out how musical instruments can help make singing fun and interesting. Take time to decide what type of instruments you would like to buy. On the drive home try out your new instruments while singing praise songs to God.


This Little Light of Mine

I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Jesus Loves Me

Memory Verse

It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High.

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