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6. Strengthening Your Grip - The Unexpected Benefit Of Marital Stress

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This clip, “Strengthening Your Grip – The Unexpected Benefit of Marital Stress”

Summary:  Strategies for using stress to strengthen a marriage


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The bodybuilder strains against his weights.  Muscles burn as he lifts the bar above his head and quiver as he brings it down again.  With hardly a moment to rest, he repeats the task.  It’s not easy; but he knows that stress is a necessary part of building strength.


Unlike the muscle man who heads to the gym each day, most people will do just about anything to escape emotional stress.  And when the tension caused by differences and expectations creeps into a marriage relationship, common avoidance tactics can leave both partners isolated and weak.


Can stress actually strengthen a marriage?  Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg believe it can.  In this video, they offer a realistic look at marital stress and provide a strategy for using it to grow closer to each other and to God.


Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg


Gary Rosberg:  When we experience differences – and you know what, folks, we’re all going to experience them – we can either allow those experiences to separate us and push us off into our isolation, or that same stress can come down on the side of two people, pressing them closer together and up against the wall of Christ. 


When you’re learning your roles, when you’re learning these expectations, when you are becoming one in a biblical marriage, there’s going to be stress. It’s going to be difficult.  It can be costly – commitment can be costly.  But when those stresses come, let them push you closer together; and yet push you up against the wall of Jesus Christ so that you have that biblical marriage of a husband and a wife with Jesus Christ right smack dab in the middle. Learn how to blend those expectations, learn what those roles are.  And whether you’re in a pre-marriage situation or in a great marriage and you’re pursuing that great marriage, this is a lifelong process.  Don’t give up – keep on going.


From “Marriage 101: Back to the Basics” DVD series

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