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45. God In Nature

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Materials Needed


Setting The Stage

As we travel in the car we pass by many things our God has made. This devotional helps us to take notice of these things and also gives us a chance to say thank you to God for his creation.


Allow a time span of five minutes to look out the car windows. During this time notice and call out all the things that are a part of God’s creation. Note: If the children mention human made objects, help them understand that God made the material and people made the structure.

When the five minutes are up, the adult will choose any color and call it out. The children must then list off the previously mentioned items that fall under this color category.

Continue this until all the colors have been mentioned.

Example: Green

- grass


- weeds

- moss

- reeds

When you are finished categorizing the items by color, have the children tell you the colors that did not have an answer (probably colors like purple or orange). Take the next five minutes for everyone to look out the window until a part of God’s creation, in that particular color, is found.


Allow each person to say this simple prayer, ‘‘Thank you God for making the ___.” Have each person fill in the blank with one of the items from God’s creation that was mentioned earlier.

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