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37. Jesus Is Our Best Friend

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Materials Needed

  • one large piece of white paper (or eight sheets of white paper taped together)
  • masking tape
  • crayons or markers

Setting The Stage

After identifying the qualities of a best friend, you will look at how Jesus can be your best friend and how you can develop that relationship.



Place the large piece of paper on the wall at the children’s eye level. Make sure it is in an area that is easily accessible to all. Sit around the paper in a semicircle so everyone has a good view of the paper.

1. First, draw a stick picture of a boy or girl.

2. Second, have the children describe for you the stick figure’s best friend which is to be drawn beside it. At first they will tell you details about the outward appearance. Follow their instructions but help them to include details that will communicate a special friendship.

These are some examples:

* mouth in a smile (having fun together)

* one hand holding the hand of the first child (friendship)

* one hand holding out a toy for the first child (sharing)

* clothes or something that is the same, for example, both are wearing a red top (enjoying the same things)

3. When you are finished the picture, point out what the picture communicates. Make sure you include some of the details mentioned in the brackets above.


The question to ask now is, “How can we make Jesus our best friend?”. The answer is by spending time with him, getting to know him, and having fun talking to him Oust as we do with our earthly friends).

Have them share some ideas about how you can practically do this. If they cannot come up with any ideas, choose one or two below:

  • Read Bible stories in a children’s Bible to get to know the things Jesus did.
  • Pray to him during the day when you are playing or having some quiet time. Talk with him about the things you have been doing.
  • Try to make Jesus happy in the way you act and then thank him for his help.


Choose one way each of you will try to get to know Jesus better this coming week (The adults should participate in the application part too!!). Share your choices with one another.


Go around the circle thanking Jesus for wanting to be your best friend. Then go around the circle asking Jesus to help you carry out the choice you made earlier.


“Jesus Is My Friend”

(use the original tune or the tune of “One little Two little Three little Indians”)

Jesus is my friend, Jesus is my friend, Jesus is my friend
and I’m so glad we’re friends!

Learn the song together and then with your musical instruments stand up and march around the living room singing the song over and over again.

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