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5. Learning To Listen To God

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Materials Needed

  • timer
  • tape of a religious children’s song

Setting The Stage

No matter how old you are in the faith it is hard to learn to listen to God. This devotional will help your children understand what you mean when you say, “Listen to what God is saying”.



  • Take a regular kitchen timer or another household item or toy that would make a similar soft sound.
  • Have the children leave the room.
  • Turn the timer on and hide it somewhere in the room.
  • Have the children come back into the room and listen very carefully until they detect the location of the timer and find it.
  • Play the game over and over giving each child a chance to find the timer.

Questions And Principles:


How hard did you have to listen to be able to hear the ticking sound?

Principle: You have to stop and listen intently to hear what God is trying to say to you.


Through whom does God speak to you?

Principle: God can speak to you through the Bible, through older, wiser people (like your parents) or through people who really know about the Bible (like the pastor or a Sunday school teacher).


In your life whom does God use to speak to you?

Principle: Learn to know the people whom God uses (therefore name specific names).


In your life what does God use to speak to you?

Principle: Learn the tools that God uses (like music, story tapes, videos, the Bible).


Play a song from a children’s tape and ask them what is the message of the song. You will want to listen to the song beforehand to make sure that it is a clear, easily understood message.


Ask God to help you learn to listen to his voice as he speaks to you in a variety of ways this coming week.

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