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4. Learning To Obey God

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Materials Needed

  • video of Noah’s Ark (borrow from friend, Christian book store or church library)
  • box of animal crackers or stuffed or plastic animals (in pairs).
  • brown construction paper
  • glue or stapler

Setting The Stage

There are times when it is hard to obey God, but it is very important that we do so. The story of Noah will help your children understand this truth.



View the video of Noah’s Ark or take the time to explain the story to your children. The story is found in Genesis 6-9. The basic details you want to communicate to your children are as follows:

  • Noah was a man who loved God. The people outside his family did not love God.
  • God was very sad that the other people were so disobedient and mean. He realized that the only way to make the world a nice place to live in was to start all over.
  • So God asked Noah to build a big boat. A boat big enough to hold two of every kind of animal as well as his whole family. They were to get inside the boat with the animals while God sent the biggest rain storm ever. Anyone who was not in the boat would die.
  • Noah obeyed God, built the boat and filled it with the animals. When that was done he and his family got on the boat. They all lived through the storm. When they were able to get off the boat they were the only ones left on the earth.
  • They started over again, but first they took time to thank God by bowing and praying. God answered by sending a rainbow. The rainbow was his promise that he would never send such a big rain storm again.


Cut the brown construction paper in the shape of a boat and then cut a second piece the same shape and size. Glue the two pieces together at the sides and bottom leaving the top of the boat open. While the glue is drying open the box of animal crackers, empty the contents and look for matching pairs. Once the pairs have been found, take one of each kind and place them inside your glued boat. If you don’t have animal crackers, set stuffed animals around the boat.


Discuss why it would have been hard for Noah to obey God. Here are some ideas:

  • There had never been any rain up to that point so Noah didn’t even understand the concept of a flood.
  • The other people around him made fun of him for making a boat so big and for obeying God.
  • Noah must have wondered whether the boat was going to work and how he was going to get everyone on the boat.


Trust and Obey

(use the original tune)

Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.


Pray about one area in which you have a hard time obeying. Example: Cleaning your room, coming when you are called, talking kindly to your brother or sister.

Memory Verse

Ephesians 6: 1
Children, obey your parents in the lord, for this is right.

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