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17. Lot’s Escape

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Materials Needed

  • Different colors of modeling clay or playdough

Setting The Stage

There are times when each member of the family is tempted to do something wrong. During those times we need to learn to say “No” and if necessary even run away from the temptation. In Genesis 19 we see Lot running and his wife looking back longingly.


The first part of the project involves making people out of clay or playdough. These are the characters and items that need to be made. Use your imagination to make them come alive.



Lots two daughters


Lots wife


Now it is time for the adult to tell the story using your clay people.

Scene I (House, Lot and Angel)


(beside the house) This city is so bad. No one obeys God.


Yes, Lot, that is the reason why God is going to destroy the whole city with fire.


What about me and my family?


You are the only ones who love God, and so I am here to tell you to run out of the city as fast as you can and go up into the hills. The one rule is “Don’t look back as you run or you will turn into a pillar of salt.”

Scene II (Lot, Lots wife, Lots two daughters)


We need to leave this city right away because God is going to destroy it with fire.


Okay, dad, we will obey God and go.


Do I have to pack all my toys?


No, just pack your pajamas and a change of clothes because we can’t waste any time.


Wait a minute, Lot, do you think that God really means what he said? I really love this house, and all my friends are here, and I really don’t want to go.


Yes, he meant what he said and he even told us “Don’t look back” because looking back will show you really want to stay rather than obey God.


Okay, I hear you.

Scene III (Lot, Lot’s Wife, Lot’s two daughters and hill)

(everybody is running up the hill)


Come on and don’t look back!


I can’t obey God because I really want to look back (she turns and looks back and freezes like a pillar of salt)


Dad, Mom is a pillar of salt!


Dad, shouldn’t we stop for Mom?


I am sorry about your mother, but you both need to obey God and keep running. No, we will have to leave her there.

Story ends with Lot and his two daughters on top of the hill. The city does burn and Lot understands that it was good they ran away and obeyed God.


Lot Must Run”

(use the tune to “Three Blind Mice”)

Lot must run, Lot must run. Run away from sin. Up the mountain he was to go, not to look back down below, he had to learn to say, “No!” Lot must run.


Pray about something you are tempted to do but you know you shouldn’t. Ask God to help you say, No! to that temptation. Also ask God for the willingness to run away just as Lot did if that is the only way to obey God and not do something wrong.

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