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35. Jesus Is King

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Materials Needed

  • cardboard (poster board or construction paper)
  • foil (or crayons)
  • masking tape (glue or stapler)
  • bath towel
  • safety pin
  • timer

Setting The Stage

Jesus is the heavenly king who came to earth. He did this because he loved us so much. Yet, it must have been very hard for him to leave where he was loved as a king to come to earth where he was hated as a criminal. In this devotional the children will get a little feel for how hard it could have been.


Making A Crown

  • The best option is to take a piece of poster board or an empty cereal box and cut out a strip in the shape of a crown. The strip needs to be long enough to go around the child’s head. Tape the strip together to form a circle and cover it with foil.
  • The second option is to take a piece of construction paper and cut out a strip in the shape of a crown. The strip needs to be long enough to go around your child’s head. Color with a crayon to make it look attractive. Glue, tape or staple the strip together to form a circle.

Establishing The Throne

  • A chair should be set in the middle of the room and called the throne. The room itself is the throne room. Each child will have five minutes to be “king”. Have this person put on the crown and attach the towel as a robe. During this time the “king” is allowed to tell everyone else in the throne room what to do. The guidelines are as follows:

*The king is a good king so he/she can only give kind orders.

*The orders can only be done in the throne room and may last only for the allotted time.

*Everyone must obey the orders!!

King For A Time

  • Establish the first king and set the timer for five minutes. As soon as you say “Go!” the king can start giving orders to one and all. You might need to give them some ideas on orders (jump, count to 20, sing a song, etc.). At the end of the five minutes the king will continue to give orders but no one will obey. Instead the rest are to laugh at the king. This laughing can go on for 20 - 30 seconds and then it is to stop.
  • Ask the king how he/she felt when everyone was obeying. Then ask the king how he/she felt when everyone no longer obeyed but laughed instead.
  • Repeat the process of becoming king and being questioned until all have had a turn.

How Jesus Must Have Felt

  • Sit in a circle and take this time to point out to the children that Jesus experienced the same thing they just did, but he experienced it to a greater degree. Jesus was king in Heaven and everyone loved and obeyed him. Jesus chose to come to earth to die for us, because he loved us. It was still very hard for him to have people not obey him and laugh at him.
  • Ask the children how Jesus must have felt during these times while he was here on earth.
  • Next ask the children what would have made Jesus happy while he was here on earth.
  • After they have answered, share with them that it is the same things that make Jesus happy now:

*loving him

*obeying him

*listening to his words (in the Bible)


Memory Verse

Luke 19:38
Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!

Ask the children ...

Who is the king? (Jesus)

Where did this king go? (earth)

What does it mean, “In the name of the Lord”? (God wanted to send Jesus to earth)


Ask God to help you to do those things that would make Jesus happy.

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