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Bible Story of God Leadership Institutes

BSOG Leadership Institutes

This Bible storying and storytelling Institute has been developed for laity as well as established pastors and leaders who desire to learn practical techniques and strategies for Bible teaching and telling. Studies remind us that 70% of the world population either has literacy issues or prefers learning the Bible through auditory approaches, i.e., storytelling.

This institute empashsizes not only a storytelling approach but teaching God’s Word though a chronological system of stories that not only tells the stories of God but tells and teaches the Story of God, the Bible, so that the listener and learner fully understands God’s story and plan for mankind.

This program has been taught in three U.S. colleges and universities, as well as at Millar College of the Bible in Saskatchewan, Canada, The Bible College of Malaysia, and the Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in addition to dozens of world locations through mission organizations and other ministry projects.

Each class is 1 ½ - 2 hours and are offered according to the host church or organization’s schedule and location. Classes can be provided individually or in one program over a full day.

Relational Training – Small Group Break-Out Approach

This training uses two major approaches that may be different from other training formats; a tag team teaching approach and a small group break-out hands-on application process. This is what we call “relational training,” as unlike other training formats this encourages those in the training classes opportunities to share their thinking and processing the course content with others “during” the training rather than reflecting or debriefing at a later time.

In relational training each person in the class brings to the discussion a wealth of information, perspectives and input from their own past experiences and backgrounds.

You will also find in this seminar program a major reduction on media supportive technology and extensive printed material. This is also intentional and in many settings advanced teaching technology is not always readily available and one of the purposes of this training is for it to be duplicable and expandable. That means those who have taken these classes would be very capable of serving on a training team and teaching this same content to others at a later time.

In order for this to occur, this seminar cannot depend on technology or extensive printed material that could possibly need translation and printing or equipment that others may not have. The content must stand alone as much as possible as a training unit that can easily be duplicated and retaught by others.

Hosting a Leadership Institute

BSOG offers this institute free for use by churches, ministries and international missions. Orientation of the institute content by one of the BSOG instructors, if desired, is available for expenses only of the instructor to train prospective mission teams and others. Currently there are several BSOG trainers available in the U.S. and Canada. BSOG trainers can also be involved in a church or mission organization mission initiatives on request and accompany teams, also for expenses only.

Kurt Jarvis, Founder
Leadership Institutes

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