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1. Bible Story of God Leadership Institutes 1-2

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Bible Story of God Leadership Institute

Course Outline

This leadership course is intended to serve as a hands-on, practical applied training program that gives both foundations of ministry as well as the practical applied of teaching ideas and resources that leaders and teachers can use in almost any country and culture. The training sessions include hands-on ideas and resources that teachers, workers and leaders can make and use immediately in their church programming. In most situations, material is available in the country where the training takes place. The teaching sessions are all also developed in a format with as much reduced text as possible so that student outlines that require translation can be kept to a minimum.

Section 1

Session 1: The Marks of a Leader and Personalities
Session 2: Basic Bible Doctrine
Session 3: Chronological Bible Storying
Session 4: Faith Development & Teaching Salvation
Session 5: Bible Teaching Ideas

View/Download the Bible Story of God Institute Section 1 PDF HERE

Section 2

Session 6: Learning Styles – Age Level Characteristics
Session 7 Bible Memory & Bible Memory Activities
Session 8: Developing a Creative Bible Lesson
Session 9: Ministry Master-planning
Session 10: The Discipled Leader

View/Download the Bible Story of God Institute Section 2 PDF HERE

Related Topics: Bible Literacy, Christian Education, Discipleship, Leadership

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