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Mentoring Matches: How to Find One That WorksBarbara Neumann06/12/2017
Mentoring ConversationsBarbara Neumann06/12/2017
KnowingGod -- A Disciple-Making ProjectDavid Austin03/16/2017
Learning To LeanRichard D. Patterson12/05/2016
Lesson 6: Effective Discipleship, Part 2 (1 Thessalonians 2:9-12)Steven Cole09/07/2016
Lesson 5: Effective Discipleship (1 Thessalonians 2:1-8)Steven Cole08/25/2016
A Faithful FollowerRichard D. Patterson02/02/2016
Lesson 102: Mission: Possible (John 20:19-23)Steven Cole09/11/2015
Lesson 99: The Cross and Our Commitment (John 19:31-42)Steven Cole09/03/2015
Lesson 139: The Darkness of the Tomb (Luke 23:50-56)Daniel Bennett02/27/2015
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Question & Answers:

How can people receive the gift of salvation yet have no interest in discipleship?
Was Matthias or Paul the apostle who replaced Judas?