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JonahBob Hallman06/25/2020
PhilippiansBob Hallman06/18/2020
The Life and Times of Noah (Expository Sermons On O.T. Characters)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
6. Noah’s Deliverance: God Keeps His Word (Genesis 8:1-9:28)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
5. As It Was In The Days Of Noah (Pt. 3): The Finality Of God’s Plan (Genesis 7:1-24)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
4. As It Was In The Days Of Noah” (Pt. 2): God’s Plan Is Disclosed (Genesis. 6:8-22)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
3. As It Was in the Days of Noah (Pt. 1): God’s Patience Runs Out (Gen. 6:1-8)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
2. The Legacy of Seth: The Worship of God (Gen. 4:25-5:32)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
1. The Legacy of Cain: Departure from God (Genesis 4:3-24)Roger Pascoe06/16/2020
GenesisBob Hallman06/16/2020
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