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Q. Don’t You Think You Are Overly Harsh In Your Description Of Jacob As A Rascal? After All, God Greatly Blessed Him, And Made Him The Father Of The Nation Israel.Bob Deffinbaugh05/11/2021
How to Obtain Help from Jesus (Matthew 15:21-28)Steven Cole05/10/2021
Q. Are Sinful Thoughts Equally Sinful with the Actual Deed?Bob Deffinbaugh04/27/2021
10. Famous Last Words (Gen. 46:1-50:26)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
9. Recognizing God’s Providence: Fellowship Restored (Gen. 45:1-28)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
8. The Truth About Reconciliation, Pt. 2: Trust Must Be Earned (Gen. 42:29-44:34)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
7. The Truth About Reconciliation, Pt.1: The Conscience Must Be Activated (Gen. 42:1-28)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
6. From Forgetfulness To Fruitfulness: Joseph’s Rise To Power (Genesis 41:37-57)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
5. Patience Is A Virtue (Gen. 41:1-36)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
4. Responding To Injustice (Gen. 39:20-40:23)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
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