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Lesson 6: The Gospel in Judges (Judges 6:1-32)

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During the time when the Judges governed Israel, rest and refreshment were hard to come by. The Hebrews, by in large, chose their own way instead of submitting to the God who had brought them into the land under the strong and righteous leader, Joshua. But even though it was a dark period of their history, God was not absent and did not forget His people. When Israel needed Him most, he would choose individuals to deliver them, oftentimes unlikely individuals, even men like reluctant Gideon who had to learn to submit in faith to his persistent King. Pastor Daniel emphasizes the truth that Gideon needed to understand and that every follower of the Lord needs to learn today—“You were made to be ruled by and submit to the King of Kings.”

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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