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1. The Gospel Leads to Godliness (Titus 1:1-4)

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I. Scripture Reading: Titus 1:1-4

II. Introduction to Titus.

III. Outline of the book:

a. Outline:

i. Instructions for godliness in the Church (1)

ii. Instructions for godliness in the Home (2)

iii. Instructions for godliness in the World (3)

b. Summary and Big Idea:

i. Big Idea: Paul introduces himself as one who is called, determined, and bound to proclaiming the gospel and the necessity for living a life of godliness.

ii. The gospel leads to godliness.

IV. Paul Introduces His Purposes and His Passions (Titus 1:1-3)

a. Paul introduces the major themes of his letter in his introduction. These are his purposes and his passions. This is what makes Paul tick.

i. Faith (1:1a) “For the sake of the faith of God’s elect…”

ii. The knowledge of the truth (Titus 1:1b)

iii. Godliness (Titus 1:1c)

iv. Hope (Titus 1:2a)

v. Eternal life (Titus 1:2b)

vi. Proclamation (Titus 1:3)

vii. Salvation (Titus 1:3-4)

V. Paul gives a Greeting.

VI. Summary and Application: Godliness is the key**

a. Summary

b. What is godliness?

c. The contemporary problem:

d. Paul’s point in Titus is that the gospel leads to godliness.**

VII. How do we cultivate godliness?

a. #1- Apply godliness to every area of your life (church, home, world).

i. The Three Spheres of godliness

1. Godliness in the Church (1)

2. Godliness in the Home (2)

3. Godliness in the World (3)

b. #2- Take care of your soul.

i. Deal with sin.

1. Are you living in sin?

2. Fight sin!

c. #3- Be in the word; be a doer of the Word.

d. #4- Find an outlet for ministry to others.

e. #5- Make fellowship with other believers a priority.

f. #6- Spend time around godly people.

g. #7- Read a Christian biography.

h. #8- Never forget that you are justified by Christ’s godliness, not your own.

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