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Lesson 110: Faithful Servants (Luke 19:11-27)

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Some of Jesus’s most engaging parables are the ones that end up taking twists we simply wouldn’t have anticipated. As a matter of fact, in the text at hand, even the people in the parable are astounded over the way events play out! Jesus used an occasion of a journey to Jerusalem (his final journey there) to tell a story that would later help his followers better understand the nature of God’s kingdom—a story that called them to be faithful stewards of what He had entrusted to them. Pastor Daniel emphasizes the central point when looking at the this text, stating, “as we wait for our Master’s return, our love for Him is revealed by our obedience to His commandments.” He defines a faithful servant as one who joyfully does the work the Master has given to him and a wicked servant as the person who finds excuses to justify his disobedience to the Master. But concerning the final group of people in the story, the enemies, he maintains that we are much the same as them if we openly oppose the Master’s rule.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Christian Life, Discipleship

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