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Lesson 75: Waiting for the Master (Luke 12:35-48)

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Be ready. Jesus used multiple illustrations to encourage His disciples to wait with eagerness for His return. We need regular reminders of coming events when we can’t set an alarm, put something on a calendar, or are expectant of the next normal step in a pattern of life. We’re like the boy in his pee-wee league out in right field. At some point, a ball is going to come his direction, but unless the dad in the stands or the coach in the dugout keeps yelling, “be ready!” that ball player is going to find something else to do. Pastor Daniel turns our attention to Jesus’s “be ready” words in this text, encouraging us to live lives of expectancy for our Lord’s return. He first reminds us that, “you are to be ready” for His returning. Next is the reiterating of the text that, “you do not know when your Master will return.” Finally, he states the fact that, “you demonstrate your readiness by your obedience.”

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Christian Life, Eschatology (Things to Come)

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