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Lesson 74: Anxiety and Living for the Kingdom (Luke 12:22-34)

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Coexistence is not possible in every situation. People have made creative bumper stickers that seek to meld a number of religious symbols into one while also spelling with that melding the word “coexist.” If what is meant by such is, “live on the same planet,” then we’re in good shape, but usually what someone is trying to convey by a statement like this one is, “mind your own business and consider everyone’s points about everything equally valid.” This is an impossible mission. Worrying about life and trusting the Lord is equally impossible. Pastor Daniel illustrates this point in the sermon at hand. There are three reasons that he gives from the text for why we should NOT be anxious. 1) There is more to life than whatever it is you are worrying about. 2) God values you and knows your needs. 3) Worry cannot accomplish anything of value. But then there is also another charge in the text: it is imperative that we DO seek the kingdom of God. We can do such through letting go of this earthly kingdom, through providing for the needs of others, by resting in our secure/eternal investment, and by checking our hearts as we find our treasure.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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