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Lesson 93: God’s Unchanging Word (Luke 16:14-17)

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The Pharisees were more trapped than they realized. The had set up a system wherein people looked to them for guidance and examples of what true piety was. But as Jesus spoke, they kept showing their true selves through the way they reacted to His teaching. More than that, their hearts were not invisible to God. And furthermore, the eternal Word of God would testify against them. In other words, in a couple short sentences, Jesus was making it clear how the deck was stacked against the Pharisees in every way. They, like us, needed to understand some core things about God and His Word. Pastor Daniel, emphasizing the central truth, “When your heart and His Word conflict, obey God,” makes these key points: 1) God’s Word is going to be distorted and rejected, 2) God’s Word calls us to abandon our own kingdom and enter His, and 3) God’s Word will always be authoritative for your life.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Bibliology (The Written Word), Christian Life

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