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Lesson 94: God’s Design for Marriage and Sexuality (Luke 16:18, Genesis 2:18-25)

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When marriage is brought up in the New Testament, the authors like to go back to Genesis 2. There’s a good reason for this. God’s design for marriage began there, with Adam and Eve, and the institution was never meant to move beyond the basics of what we see exemplified there in the garden. While people have pushed against this throughout every time period in history, and the push recently has only become more pronounced, the church would do well to agree with Jesus and the apostles instead of acquiescing to those bringing their revisions. Pastor Daniel takes us to this original marriage text by explaining how 1) marriage was designed by God, 2) marriage creates a unique relationship, and 3) marriage exists to glorify God.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Marriage, Sexuality

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