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Elijah ministered during a terrible time in Israel’s history. Apostasy was at an all-time high because Ahab, Israel’s worst king, was on the throne (1 Kgs 16:30). His ungodly influence was augmented by his wife, Jezebel, who introduced Baal worship to Israel. In order to restore Israel to God, the Lord called one of his greatest prophets, Elijah, to confront Ahab (1 Kings 17:1).

Elijah’s ministry was unique. He prayed that it would not rain as a judgment for Israel’s sins, and it did not rain for three and a half years. He challenged Baal’s prophets to a contest to prove that Yahweh was God. After they lost, he had the false prophets killed. Then, he prayed for it to rain, and it did, ending three and a half years of drought and famine (1 Kgs 18). In fact, because of his faithfulness, God took Elijah straight to heaven without him dying (2 Kgs 2). However, as great as Elijah was, James says he was a human being like us (Jam 5:16-18), meaning that the power in his life can be in ours (Jam 5:16-18). Therefore, as we study Elijah’s life, we learn principles about becoming a person God can use greatly. May God richly bless your study and use you greatly for his kingdom!

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