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Lesson 47: Parable about Human Responsibility (Matthew 21:28-46)

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This message on Matthew 21 was preached at Littleton Bible Chapel on December 8, 2013.


1. The Parable About Two Sons (21:28-32).

a. The Story: A Father asks his two sons to work in his vineyard (21:28-30).
b. The Question (21:31a).
c. The Answer (21:31b-32).
d. Application

2. The Parable About Evil Farmers (21:33-46).

a. The Story (21:33-39).
b. The Judgment (21:40-44).
c. The Stone (21:42-44).

The stone was rejected by the builders (21:42b).
The stone was made into the cornerstone (21:42c).
The stone was the Lord’s choice (21:42d).
The stone will be a stumbling stone for some people (21:44).
The stone will be a foundation stone for other people.

d. The Response (21:45-46).

3. Application: Be very careful how you respond to Jesus.

Related Topics: Christian Life, Soteriology (Salvation)

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