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Lesson 129: The Hour of Darkness, Part I (Luke 22:31-53)

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(Part II) Jesus’ life had led up to a single dark moment, a time when He seemed to feel most keenly the pain of His humanity as he anticipated the cross and the accompanying separation from the Father—this had never happened in all history or even before there was a history. Certainly, if there ever was a moment of ultimate chaos and uncertainty, this was the time. But as a matter of fact, God’s power and purpose shines through this account with intensity. In this three-part message over the text at hand, Pastor Daniel points to this dichotomy by stating, “In the hour of darkness, you are powerless, but the God who loves you is not.” He encourages us to 1) Understand that the trials in your life are spiritual in nature and you are inadequate to overcome them, 2) Rely on the grace of the God who works all things for your good, and 3) Accept that evil will triumph temporarily.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Christian Life, Christology, Suffering, Trials, Persecution

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