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Lesson 52: Promoting Mercy, Protecting Truth (Luke 9:49-56)

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Following Jesus is a trial and error process, a realization any Christian today will face and one that the twelve disciples had to come to grips with as well. Their ideas for ministry were developing as they followed Jesus and sought to put into practice the things they were learning. Such times were followed by course-correcting instruction by the Master, instruction that might have sometimes seemed harsh, but ones that gave them (and us today) the correct understandings of truth and practice in Christian living. Pastor Daniel then, from this passage, makes the argument that there is a responsibility for believers to promote mercy while protecting truth; principles counteract arrogance and judgmentalism but not at the expense of truth. The principles referred to are as follows: 1) No one has a monopoly on gospel ministry—get over yourself. 2) Rejection is a normative part of gospel ministry—get used to it. 3) The gospel is universally humbling in its exclusiveness—be humbled. Finally, 4) God graciously allows time for people to repent and believe the gospel—go and do likewise.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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