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Lesson 123: Living in Light of the Future, Part I (Luke 21:25-38)

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(Part I) There are many events that enter our lives unexpectedly—things that we couldn’t have perfectly prepared for. The whole world experiences this on a global scale sometimes, and while we can try to do a good job of working together and putting safeguards in place, our control is unbelievably limited. The best minds can put forth their best efforts, but God can and does introduce circumstances that catch us off guard. Jesus continued speaking about the challenges to come upon the people of Israel and also about what would happen to the entire world in the last days. Though we don’t get all the details, what is clear from Him is that the end will come and we need to be prepared in a way that assures our steadfast focus on Him through it all. Pastor Daniel helps us think through some of the realities of coming events by putting before us three facts about the future we observe in this text. 1) The times of the Gentiles will not last forever. 2) The return of Christ will be marked by distress and fear. 3) God’s Word will be fulfilled as His kingdom is established.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Christian Life, Eschatology (Things to Come)

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