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13. Gentleness

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Materials Needed

  • deck of cards
  • raw eggs (or water balloons)

Setting The Stage

We need to learn to be gentle with people and things. Through the activities of this devotional your children will receive a better understanding of gentleness.


1. Together create a song about gentleness. If the children are old enough let them make up their own words. If the children are too young to do this, use the following words to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

We need gentleness, we need it every day
The way we walk, the way we talk and
the way we play.

Practice the song together. Then get out your musical instruments (see Section One Making Music to God) and parade around the house singing your song on gentleness while playing your instruments.

2. Take the deck of cards and each take a turn adding a card to make a card house. The adult will have to start the process (see diagram). Constantly point out how gentleness is needed to build the house. Note: You may want to practice building one on your own first so you have the concept of how it works.

3. To continue the understanding of the principle of gentleness, move outside and have a raw egg or water balloon toss. Have a pair start by facing one another, standing close together. They will gently pass the egg or balloon from hand to hand. Keep emphasizing the need for gentleness. Slowly move them apart, continuing to toss the egg or balloon back and forth until it breaks. (Warn the child before hand that it could get messy. You may want them to wear their raincoats for this activity.)

4. Talk about how important gentleness was while doing the activities. Discuss how we need to also be gentle with people in the way we talk to them and treat them.


Ask God for the ability to be gentle all the time.


Sing your new gentleness song again using your musical instruments.

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