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29. Cloud Gazing

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Materials Needed

  • nice weather
  • cumulous clouds (puffy)
  • Bible

Setting The Stage

This is a devotional during which your imaginations can blossom. The purpose is to get your children thinking about Heaven. As you ask your questions don’t be quick to say, “No!” to their answers. If an answer does need to be rethought, you can gently help them do so. For example, I am pretty sure there will be no drag car racing in Heaven, but we might be able to run fast through grassy fields. Only the last question has one right answer.


Head out to a nearby park or favorite green space. Even your back yard will do. Lie together on the grass and look up into the clouds. While you are watching the clouds blow by, an adult needs to read John 14:1-4. After reading the verses ask your children the following questions. In between the questions leave plenty of time for the children to discuss, imagine and share their ideas.

  • What are some things you hope will be in Heaven?
  • What is the first thing you would like to do in Heaven?
  • Do you see any shapes in the clouds that look like something you might find in Heaven? (possibilities: throne, angels, house or mansion)
  • What is the most important thing we will be doing in Heaven? (praising God)


Sing your favorite song that praises God (a little taste of what we will be doing in Heaven).


You don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to praise God. You can do it here on earth. Choose one thing about God (patient, loving, helpful, kind) for which each of you is thankful. Say thank you to God for being that kind of God.

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