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14. Stuck Like Glue - The Importance Of Marital Connection

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Summary:  Strengthening the marital bond even in difficult times

Get Marriage 101 FREE for your church, call 800-527-4014 x 0“Strong enough to bond (almost) anything!”  So says the construction worker dangling from a steel girder hundreds of feet in the air.  That crazy claim is a permanent part of television advertising history; and the iconic image backing it up really is worth a thousand words (not to mention millions of dollars for the makers of Krazy Glue).  The bond between hard hat and beam is designed to be permanent; and for the man hanging in the balance, failure is not an option.

A godly marriage involves a similar connection; and once two become one, separation causes irreparable damage to both parties.  But, just like the gravitational pull on the construction worker, internal and external forces are always at work to weaken the marital bond.  In this video, Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg discuss the importance of respecting God’s design for the marriage covenant and offer encouragement for sticking with your spouse in every season of life.

Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

Barb Rosberg:  Remember these words:  every person you talk to is carrying a burden. 
Do you realize that in marriage, you have the Divine call to be God with skin on and carry those burdens for your spouse?  And there may be times when you emotionally disconnect from your mate.  Whatever you do – stay!  Because your emotions will catch up, and once again you will feel the joy.  You will feel the experience of walking with God and walking it out in your marriage so that you can walk together, run together, and enjoy the race together of having a great marriage.

Dr. Gary Rosberg:  One time, our youngest daughter, Missy, was a little bit concerned because a friend of hers’ parents had just gone through a divorce.  And Barb and I were having a disagreement about something and she said, “Dad, will you ever get a divorce?”  And I remember thinking, “Will I ever get a divorce?”  And I remember, I grabbed her little cheeks and I looked her in the face and I just said, “Missy Rosberg, let me tell you something, little girl.  I will never, ever, ever leave your mom.“

She said, “I know.”  And I said, “You know?”  She said, “Yeah.  Because if you try, I will sew your two bodies together so you can never pull apart.”  Now, Missy understood the covenant of marriage.  And folks, I’m going to tell you something.  You’re going to have episodes, you’re going to have seasons, you’re going to have times when those walls go flying up, where you don’t want to spend twenty minutes connecting, when you’d rather not be God with skin on because it’s hard.  We want to promise you that you can get to the other side of those painful times; but you’ve got to connect emotionally to your spouse.

From “Marriage 101: Back to the Basics” DVD series

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