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49. Mayday

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Materials Needed

  • watermelon
  • lemonade
  • small ball
  • bucket
  • outdoor furniture for an obstacle race

Setting The Stage

There are many examples of people in the Bible who loved to celebrate. They celebrated for many reasons.

  • II Samuel 6:12-16 - King David celebrates the return of the ark.
  • Luke 15:17-24 -A father celebrates a son who comes back home.
  • John 2:1-10 - Jesus and his disciples are celebrating a wedding.

We too have many reasons to celebrate and today’s devotional will help us celebrate Spring!! This devotional can be done in your back yard. It is best to wait for a day when the weather is wonderful!


Talk about the reasons people celebrated in the Bible. Some reasons are listed above. Let the children know that you are about to celebrate Spring. A May Day celebration is filled with fun, games and food. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. A few ideas are provided. You may wish to invite guests to join in this celebration.

Who Made Spring?

Start off the celebration by asking who made the Spring. Ask the question a few times until they enthusiastically call out, “God.” Take time to thank God for Spring and a chance to celebrate together. Then let the festivities begin.

The Games

  • Ring Around the Rosy: Everyone joins hands and sings the song, falling down at the end of the song (this might be reserved for children only).
  • London Bridge is Falling Down: Two children (or adults) hold hands raising them above their heads to form an archway. The other children (and adults) go under the “bridge” of arms while everyone sings ... “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.” On the word “lady” the bridge falls down catching someone in-between. This can be played over and over again.
  • Ball toss: A bucket is set two feet from the child and the child is given a ball. The child is to toss the ball into the bucket. Each time they make it, move the bucket a little further away. Make sure, though, that the child ends with success rather than frustration.
  • Obstacle course: Using readily available backyard pieces, set up your own obstacle course. There should be things to run around, climb over and climb under. Have a starting and finishing point. For the older children you can make it a bit of a competition by timing them. The younger children need to be cheered just for finishing the course.
  • Hide-and-go-seek
  • Tag
  • Other favorites

The Food!!

The menu can simply be watermelon and lemonade or as complicated as a full-fledged picnic dinner. Keep it to food that you associate with picnics and spring.

The Finish

A nice way to end your time of celebrating would be to go for a family walk.


As you walk think of things that have been fun about your celebrating time. Thank God that he is a God who loves to celebrate.

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