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30. Bouquet

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Materials Needed

  • two large, white poster boards per child
  • markers or crayons
  • scissors
  • an outfit from each child’s wardrobe
  • a field of wild flowers
  • Bible

Setting The Stage

After collecting the wild flowers and viewing their beauty your children will have the opportunity to make their own life size paper doll and dress it in their own clothes. It will be a time when your children can see how beautifully “dressed” the flowers of the field are and how God has provided good things for them as well.


The flowers:

  • Collect as many varied wild flowers as possible.
  • Take the time to notice the colors and shapes.
  • Bring the flowers home and together arrange a big bouquet for your table.

Our Clothes:

  • Tape two poster boards together for each child.
  • Have the children lie down on their board and trace their bodies, making sure to include the hair, hands and feet. Cut out the shape Note: The larger children might need to have their hands and feet taped on afterwards using leftover pieces of poster board.
  • Allow your children to color the doll according to their own particular coloring and looks (blue eyes, curly hair).
  • The children are to dress their dolls in their own clothes.
  • When they see the end product, take time to let them see how well God has dressed them – just as God dresses the flowers.

Bible Reading Time:

Read Matthew 6:25-30. Let them tell you what the verses mean. The younger children will need to be asked some pointed questions.

  • Who made the flowers?
  • Did God make the flowers ugly or beautiful?
  • From where do we get our clothes?
  • How did we get the money to buy the clothes?
  • Who gave us our jobs? (God did and God provides for us the same way he does for the birds and flowers).


Thank God for the clothes, money and food we have, because we know it all comes from God.

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