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Unbreakable Faith (PowerPoint Teaching Series Course)

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Course Description

Taught and refined at the church, college and seminary level since 2001, the Unbreakable Faith course explains the infinite excellence of God’s perfections, exposes unbelief as irrational and unscientific blind faith, and demonstrates the impossibility of life and the universe without God. Building a comprehensive, intellectually defensible, and God-honoring worldview, Unbreakable Faith boosts joy, comfort, and faith in Christ and Scripture in the face of the most sophisticated attacks of unbelief.

Within each course link below there is a fully downloadable PowerPoint which contains the full course-leader text for that lesson. This resource is thus a "course leader/teacher" version which would enable you to freely teach this course in your own setting.

To download the full course in one large download, click here, or through the Related Media block on this page.

For additional resources that could be used alongside of this free resource see Craig Biehl's Pilgrims Rock website here. The two books that are recommended for students may be purchased on Amazon:

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