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14. God Is Sovereign

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  • Everyone reasons by faith in an ultimate authority
  • Science and reason versus faith is a false dichotomy
  • Believing faith is reasonable and justified
  • Unbelieving faith is unreasonable and unjustified
  • Neutrality toward God is contempt toward God
  • Atheists cannot live according to their worldview
  • Unbelievers are reasonable and unreasonable at the same time
  • As God is sovereign over all things, theology addresses the realm of science
  • Philosophers that reject God’s authority repeat the sin of Adam and Eve
  • A proper defense of Christianity challenges the faith assumptions of unbelief
  • Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill
  • True repentance turns from the false faith assumptions of unbelief
  • The negative results of not challenging false faith assumptions
  • Defending the Gospel involves proclaiming the Gospel
  • The relationship of the Gospel to worldview

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