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1. God Has No Beginning Or Needs

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  • Apart from God nothing exists
  • God created and upholds all “natural laws”
  • Fixed and universal “laws” are inexplicable apart from God creating and sustaining them
  • We depend on God for life, knowledge, truth, authority, and a moral compass
  • Created and sustained by God we owe God everything
  • God is entirely separate and independent from His creation
  • All things display God’s power and genius
  • The Law of God is written on every heart
  • Scripture displays God’s power and genius
  • All unbelief is contrary to the evidence
  • Neutral or innocent unbelievers do not exist
  • God and created reality exist regardless of human beliefs
  • God necessarily exists, He does not probably exist
  • All people, including scientists, presume God’s existence, even if they deny Him
  • The chicken and the egg riddle
  • Arguments for the probability of God excuse unbelief, require blind faith, and hinder assurance

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