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13. God Is Infinitely Powerful

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  • Miracles are reasonable and consistent with God’s nature and universe
  • Your worldview determines your view of miracles
  • Definition and nature of the believing and unbelieving worldview
  • No worldview is neutral
  • The believing and unbelieving worldview cannot be reconciled
  • One’s view of God determines one’s view of miracles
  • One must deny God and His power to deny the miracles of the Bible
  • One must affirm God’s existence to deny the miracles of the Bible
  • Denying the miracles of Scripture presumes the ultimate authority to determine truth
  • Denials of Scripture as true because miracles are “impossible” are worthless
  • Defending miracles by “natural” explanations affirms unbelief
  • Rebellion against God is foolish and doomed to defeat

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