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Children's Ministry Facility Materials - 2 Year Old Classroom

Each classroom should be supplied with necessary items that are used each week. All additional supplies can be found in a general location such as a resource room, resource closet, supply cabinet, or supply containers that are easily accessible to teachers and volunteers. If space is a factor then supplies and materials need to be purchased weekly and made available to all volunteers at a designated location within the children’s department. It is helpful to label this area or room so that volunteers can find additional supplies easily.

Each classroom should have clean floors and walls without sharp edges, doors with windows, and adequate size classrooms with enough space to accommodate the amount of children for each age group.  Consideration in choosing the right ventilation, lighting, classroom size, furniture, equipment, and supplies should be a priority for the safety and well being of every child within the ministry.

When setting up a children’s ministry strong emphasis should be placed on the safety of every child. Exits should be marked with signs and evacuation routes should be visible in case of an emergency. A copy of an evacuation plan with exit routes should be posted in every classroom next to or close to an exit door.

Below is a list of classroom furniture, equipment, and supply recommendations for a preschool classroom within a children’s ministry. Furniture must meet standard recommendations for each age group and must be sturdy and in good repair without missing pieces or rough edges. Furniture, equipment, and supplies can be bought through a children’s school supply company or local store. When selecting furniture, equipment, and supplies consider the age, size of the classroom, and standard recommendations for each age of children within the ministry.

All other ministries who use the preschool classroom during the week should be responsible to help maintain and keep these rooms clean, neat, and safe for the children.

Recommendations for classroom size, maximum ratios, and maximum group size have been taken from the state of Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Facilities:

Some states may vary with standards and regulations, therefore it is best to refer to individual states where the church resides and use these standards and regulations as a guide to follow.

2 Year Olds

Classroom Size

35 square feet per one child

More space if possible

Maximum Ratio Child:Teacher

5 Children to 1 Teacher

Maximum Group Size

10 Children per room

Furniture/Classroom Equipment


2 Small Tables (seats 6 children)

10 -12 small preschool size chairs

Age appropriate wall posters and wall decorations

Metal Cabinet with lock

Plastic Container to hold adult supplies

(stapler, pens, markers, pencils)

Graham Crackers


Small Disposable Cups

Disposable Gloves

Felt Board

Hand Puppets (Teacher Use Only)

Felt Pieces (shapes, people, animals, etc.)

Large Picture Books

Large Posters

TV and DVD Player

Age Appropriate DVD’s

Wood Book Stand

1-2 Wooden Storage Units/Shelves for Toys

1 -2 Area Rugs

Age appropriate books and puzzles

Age appropriate toys, floor and table toys

Blocks, cars, trucks, dolls

1 Metal Trash Can

Stationary Telephone (wall unit recommended)

Trash Bags

Scotch Tape

Masking Tape


Adult Scissors

Pens & Pencils

Age Appropriate Play House

Age Appropriate Riding Toys

Antibacterial Wipes

Paper Towels

Disinfectant Spray (safe to clean furniture and toys)

1-2 Bulletin Boards 4 - 8 feet long

Construction Paper


White Paper

Large Crayons (supervision required)

Glue Sticks (supervision required)

Cubby Coat Unit (wall unit or stationary)

(Hooks for 12 children to hold coats and children’s belongings)

Outlet Covers (one for every outlet in the nursery, toddler, or preschool classrooms)

Locks on Cabinets

Age appropriate area rugs

Wall Clock and Batteries

Antibacterial Hand Soap

Child size bathroom between rooms

Age Appropriate Pictures

Pager System with Pagers

Attendance Sheets on a Clip Board

Teachers/Volunteer Schedule posted

Security Labels for Children

Facility Check List For a 2 Year Old Class

  • Room organized with appropriate furniture, area rugs, table and chairs, shelves
  • Wall Mounted Telephone
  • Rooms organized with appropriate storage cabinets/units for toys
  • Rooms organized with age appropriate decorations
  • Age appropriate posters on walls
  • Security identification labels for children and parents
  • Supplies for 2 year olds (disposable gloves, antibacterial wipes, large crayons,
  • paper)
  • Snacks, small cups, graham crackers, napkins
  • Small storage containers for supplies (large crayons, stickers, paper)
  • Supplies for teacher (pencils, pens, scotch tape, stapler, hole punch, masking tape)
  • Hand Puppets
  • Felt Board and Felt Pieces
  • Outlet Covers (one for every outlet in classroom)
  • Toys for 2 year olds children
  • Plastic storage containers for toys if needed
  • Age appropriate books
  • Attendance sheets on clip boards
  • Pagers for parents
  • CD players and Christian music CD’s for 2 year olds
  • Disinfectant spray (safe to use to sterilize furniture and toys) and paper towels in classrooms
  • Bulletin Boards decorated with age appropriate materials
  • Child size bathroom between classrooms

Within any classroom all materials, furniture, toys and supplies must be age appropriate. All toys used in this classroom should be labeled for children 2 years old.

Toys should not be shared with younger children. Those supplies used for art projects should be closely supervised by the teacher when used by the children.

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