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The Southern Steps And Psalms Of Ascent RemindersWayne Stiles10/29/2012
The Pool Of Siloam—Connecting Sukkot And The MessiahWayne Stiles10/29/2012
Kiriath Jearim—A Noteworthy Hill Nobody NoticesWayne Stiles10/29/2012
Jericho—Joshua’s Battle Continues TodayWayne Stiles10/29/2012
The Dead Sea Will Live AgainWayne Stiles10/29/2012
Beersheba—The Last Stop And A Point Of BeginningWayne Stiles10/29/2012
The Wilderness Of Zin— Inspiring Awe But Not Obedience To GodWayne Stiles09/27/2012
Timna Park—A Portrait Of Your Atonement On Yom KippurWayne Stiles09/27/2012
Tel Dan—Worshipping At The Altar Of ConvenienceWayne Stiles09/27/2012
Echoes Of Rosh Hashanah At The Place Of TrumpetingWayne Stiles09/27/2012
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