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IntroductionGregory Brown12/10/2018
IntroductionGregory Brown05/31/2018
IntroductionGregory Brown05/24/2017
IntroductionGregory Brown10/07/2016
Outline: Paul’s Farewell Message to the Ephesian Elders (Acts 20:18-38)Alex Strauch06/16/2015
18. MalachiHomer Heater11/14/2014
17. ZechariahHomer Heater11/14/2014
16. HaggaiHomer Heater11/14/2014
15. DanielHomer Heater11/13/2014
14. EzekielHomer Heater11/13/2014
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How were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John named and can you tell me something about the authors of these books?
What’s the importance of the studying of the DATE of a given book (gospels, epistlse, etc)?