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An Argument For The Book Of 1 John

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Message Statement:

John Writes To Explain To Believers That Fellowship With God And The Saints Is Contingent Upon Their Response To God And Their Love For One Another And Not Found In The Error Of The False Teachers

I. Prologue--Fellowship: John asserts that the Word of Life, Jesus, is being proclaimed that his readers may have fellowship with the Father and Son as the apostles do and thus fulfill their joy 1:1-4

II. Fellowship Explained--What It Is: John explains the concept of fellowship with God and the Saints in order that the believing readers might have a correct understanding of the nature of fellowship and the confidence it will bring when Christ returns 1:5--3:24

A. A Relationship: Generally speaking, John asserts that fellowship with God is a relationship 1:5--2:11

1. Walking in accordance with God’s Character: John describes fellowship as walking in accordance with God’s character 1:5-7

2. Cleansed from Sin: John describes fellowship as being cleansed from sin by God 1:8--2:2

3. Intimately Knowing God: John describes fellowship as being intimately knowing God 2:3-11

B. Applicable to All Believers: John affirms that fellowship with God and the saints is applicable to all believers who may be of differing levels of maturity 2:12-14

C. Continue in the Teaching of the Holy Spirit: John affirms that believers in fellowship with God and the saints are not turned by the world’s deception, but continue in the teaching of the Holy Spirit 2:15-27

D. Gives Confidence: John affirms that fellowship with God and the saints is that which gives the believer confidence when Christ returns to take the church 2:28

E. Righteousness: John affirms that righteousness and not sin is that which characterizes a person in fellowship with God and the saints 2:29--3:10

F. Love the Brethren: John affirms that believers in fellowship with God and the saints are those who sacrificially love and not hate their brothers 3:11-24

III. Provisions for Fellowship: John presents provisions for achieving fellowship with God and the saints in order that the believer might apply them and thereby not be misled by the error of the false teachers 4:1--5:17

A. Tests and Truths of Fellowship: John provides tests and truths which will enable the believer to not be turned by the world’s deceptions, but to continue in the truth 4:1-6

B. Motivation, Results and Tests of Love: John gives the motivation, results, and tests of love to enable the believer to love his brother 4:7--5:3

C. Power of God: John emphasizes the power of God in the believer’s life to enable the believer to practice love for his brother in prayer 5:4-17

IV. Exhortation: John exhorts his readers to guard themselves against sin in light of their unique position in Christ in order that they may have fellowship with God 5:18-21

A. Unique Position: John affirms that believers have a unique position in Christ 5:18-20

B. Guard Against Sin: John exhorts believers to guard against sin which will effect their fellowship with God 5:21

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